Shiv Prasad – Lost 9 Kg and Reversed Hypothyroidism

Success Story Shiv Prasad

I was overweight and had hypothyroid issues. My TSH levels were pretty high and I had joint pains. I also had constipation issues. Often times I also felt chest pains.

After joining Possible my health changed for the better! I couldn’t believe that I will be able to lose weight so quickly! Only a few days after starting my diet, I was able to see changes in my body. Within 1 month I had started to lose weight. Along with weight loss, my TSH level became normal and all other problems gradually started to go away!

I feel much more energetic than before. My body feels light and I can focus on my work better. My stamina has improved. Before Possible, I used to get tired by walking short distances. Now I can run without getting tired. My joint pains are gone.

The dietician really guided me well in my transformation. They motivated me throughout. I have changed my routine. I sleep early & wake up early. Possible helped me adopt these positive changes.

Thank you, Possible!

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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