Nivedita Dawkha – Lost 11.2 Kg in 5.5 Months!

Success Story Nivedita Dawkha

I gained a lot of weight after the delivery of my child. My weight reached 95 kg and because of this, I started facing health issues like stomach ache and lethargy. I am a nutrition science student myself so I wanted to change my health by fixing my food habits and not through medicines. I did not want to use artificial means to boost my metabolism or anything.  

I tried a few other programs but the result was not satisfactory enough. Then I joined Possible. My journey with Possible is going very well. I follow thor instructions on diet and other things very strictly. The app features are great. I have tried to maintain my health score nicely. My goal for next month is to achieve a 100 health score. 

I have already lost 11.2 kg and achieved my pre-pregnancy weight. I target to reduce 10-15kg more and attain a proper BMI score. I am working towards this goal. Along with following the diet, I also try to exercise regularly. 

Possible’s dietician, her guidance has been really helpful so far. She always supports and motivates me. Their superfoods are also very tasty and convenient. I am a working woman and I have a child. So the mornings are really hectic. Possible superfoods like Quinoa Dal Dosa, Protein-rich Upma, etc. really make things easy in the mornings. They are so easy to make and also give you the right nutrition. I also carry Possible snacks with me so that I don’t have to eat unhealthy evening snacks. My children also like Possible snacks like Ragi Puffs.

Thanks to all this, I have become a lot lighter & healthier. Possible is definitely worth it!

Three tips from me:

  1. Follow the diet plan.
  2. Do basic exercise daily
  3. Sleep properly

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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