Sheuli’s weight loss controlled her thyroid conditions and won the title of Mrs India Spark 2016


Woman of Substance – Mrs India Spark 2016!

It all started when the 35-year old, Sheuli Bhatia decided to contest in the Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2016 pageant.

Making it as one of the finalists, this mother of 2 was desperate to get in better shape to win the competition.

However, problems with thyroid hormones and asthma made weight loss and strenuous exercise very difficult for her.

Possible to the rescue

She knew she had to act fast and exercise didn’t seem to be working for her.

“I soon realised that fitness is only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. One can’t outrun the fork!”, rues Bhatia.

Then came the turning point in her life. It was her husband who believed in the healing power of food and motivated Sheuli to join Possible. Thus began Sheuli’s transformation.

Super foods, super results!

“You won’t believe but I was eating my way to healthy weight loss and the entire credit goes to Possible”, exults Sheuli.

Usually weight loss foods and diets are infamous for being boring for the tongue thus killing the motivation to continue.

“Possible’s superfoods were something to look forward to and I relished every morsel.

These superfoods helped in making my weight loss journey more enjoyable”.

Tasty, nutritious diet along with personalized mentoring by extremely qualified dieticians did the trick for Sheuli.**

Queen of Substance

Sheuli’s trust soon paid off and she lost 6.7 kgs!. She says, “Possible helped me in getting and staying fit and the confidence helped me bag the prestigious crown of Mrs. India Spark.

I will always associate my journey and my success of winning this title with Possible.”

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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