Gone Madhukar lost 14 kilos in just 5 months!

Gone Madhukar
Gone Madhukar Weight Loss Journey

Gone Madhukar is a 39 years old Accountant from Warangal. Besides his increasing weight, Gone was facing back pain and high blood pressure issues that are common outcomes of weight gain.

However, both these diseases can be maintained with the right kinds of food. And that is how Gone in his 5 months program with Possible not just lost 14 kilos but also found a way to fight his these two health concerns. Here’s his story.

Q1) What health problems (if any) were you facing before you approached Possible:

I was, of course, facing an overweight and besides that, I was having two major health concerns that are Back Pain and High Blood Pressure.

Q2) How has Possible been different from other weight loss companies you went/tried before?

Wherever I’d go for my weight loss, I was given a lot of exercises which again lead to back pain and joint pains.

But when I took up Truweght’s program, I was glad to see that my diet and eating habits were given primary importance. And yes, exercise is necessary, however, that is not the most important thing.

Q3) What was the best thing you liked about Possible?

The healthy superfoods and the regular and constant follow up by the dietician. They make sure that you are on your diet plan, which helps you be motivated and go on with the plan.

Q4) How do you feel after losing all that weight? Has your health, confidence, fitness levels improved after you lost weight?

I am feeling lighter and my Blood pressure is normal now, which is amazing.

I am also able to get a relief from my back pain. Possible didn’t just make me become lighter but healthier too.

Q5) What is your take on Superfoods?

Eat healthily and be healthy is all about the superfoods. They are nutritionally blessed foods that are surprisingly tasty too.

Possible made sure that the healthy foods don’t become boring and tasteless. And the dietician made sure that there’s variety in the meals, which made sure the diet plan and the foods didn’t become monotonous.

Q6) Your 3 tips for weight loss

1: Follow the instruction of Councilors

2: Eat on time consume Water

3: Regular Exercise

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