Nuthan Prasad Lost 6 Kg In 5 Months And Managed Cholesterol & BP!

Nuthan Prasad Success Story

Hello, everyone! My name is Nuthan Prasad, and I couldn’t be happier to share my incredible journey with you all. Before I embarked on this life-changing program, I weighed 98 kilograms and was dealing with high blood pressure and constant gastric issues. My medical parameters were all over the place, and I knew something had […]

MD Younus Saleem – Lost 9 Kg in 3 Months!

MD Younus Saleem Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 104 kg. I used to take tablets to lose weight, but I only lost 1 kg with them. But ever since I joined Possible, I have been following the diet plans very well. I had a habit of drinking tea with milk in the morning and many times (3) […]

Jayshree Gohil – Lost 22 Kg in 9 Months & Managed Hypertension

Jayshree Gohil Success Story

I’d been suffering from hormonal imbalance issues for a long time. Because of it my weight kept on increasing. When I hit menopause, it increased even more. I developed high blood pressure. I also tripped and fell several times and injured my left knee. After that, even my walks and other physical activity got restricted. […]

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