Neeraj Shukla Lost about 10kg in 7.5 months and managed Blood Pressure!

Neeraj Shukla Lost about 10kg in 7.5 months

I used to do bodybuilding and powerlifting. So, I have always maintained a fit body. But then life got busy and I stopped exercising. As a result, my weight kept increasing. My weight reached 110 kg. With lots of difficulties, I somehow managed to reduce it to 90 kg.

With the help of Possible, I reduced 10.5 kg more. Now my weight is around 79.5 kg. I also had high blood pressure. That is also under control now. All my health parameters have improved. I used to have fatty liver. But because of the diet changes, this problem is now gone.

My vitamin D and B12 levels have also improved. Currently, I don’t have any health issues at the moment.
The coach and dietician are very helpful. Sometimes my weight loss slows down. So, then my dietician changes my diet plan accordingly. They are very supportive.

The Superfoods are also amazing! I really like them. I am very satisfied with Possible,100% satisfactory result is through Possible.

Weight loss tips I’d like to share with you:

  • The main factor is proper diet. Include superfoods. They are really good.
  • Do some basic exercise on a regular basis.

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