DrJasmine Kaur Lost 14.5 kg in 195 Days!

DrJasmine Kaur Lost 14.5 kg in 195 Days

My major problem was I was not able to lose weight and I tried so many things,
like fasting all types of diet plan but no result and because of all the diet plans, I was facing some problems like hair fall and many things.

I have lost 14.5 Kgs so far and am able to fit into my old dresses too and not just that I have learnt to eat the right food at the right time. Possible superfoods have helped me to get closer to my goals too.

My coach Anshu is the main backbone of my health journey. Whenever I was facing any problem she was there to help me. Hats off to her support and timely response to my queries.

I wanted to do the weight loss because people said that you become so fat at this young age and life was very tough, I was not able to wear my old dress and my kids said that Mumma now you are not able to play with us, when you can play with us, now you get tired.

My targets were clear: I wanted to look young, and feel energetic and healthy.


  • Do not do any diet plan without expert guidance
  • Go with the possible
  • EAT right food.

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