Tara Walke – Lost 7.25 Kg in 4 Months!

Tara Walke Success Story

I was 82 kg and I had Thyroid and Type 2 Diabetes. I tried to manage my weight on my own. I started to do portion control, stopped consuming wheat, and started going to the gym. But I was still not able to lose weight and my medical condition was not improving.

So, I joined Possible in October. With the help of my dietician, food planning and superfoods, I was able to control my medical condition within 4 months. I was also taking medicine, which stopped after a few days. I began to feel a lot more energetic. Prior to the program, I used to feel tired all the time.

By January, I had lost 7.25 kgs. This was a big achievement for me. I also optimized my exercise to make it sustainable. I stopped my strict exercise routine and continued walking. I also have cheat meals once every week, which is a great thing about Possible.

The superfoods have also been of great help. I honestly love them. Even when my program will be over, I’ll still be continuing with the superfoods.

It’s possible to reverse diseases with proper diet and guidance. Special thanks to Bidisha mam, my dietician, and once again thank you, Possible team. Now I can also choose my dress and look beautiful!

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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