Here’s How Possible Super Foods Helped Me Lose 11 Kgs: Vishnu Priya

Imbalance in Thyroid glands is one of the well-known factors that can lead to weight gain. Many women and men struggle with excess weight due to the imbalance caused by the low and extra hormonal secretion from thyroid.

We have 35-year old homemaker from Bangalore, Vishnu Priya share her experience of how a steady and healthy diet of super foods helped her bring her excess weight under control.

Hi, I am Vishnu Priya, a home maker in Bangalore. I have been struggling with weight gain due to thyroid disorder.

Despite my best efforts with Homeopathic care, I was not able to manage my excess weight – I did bring down my TSH levels to acceptable level. It was really frustrating for me.

In fact, I had tried almost all types of weight loss practices – from trying out various types of dieting on my own, yoga and even other exercises, but was really disappointed by the results. There was none really.

That’s when I turned to Possible. It was the first weight loss company I was trying out. I had never tried something similar before.

So it was all new for me. But somehow it felt right – my first impression of Possible was really good, and I was not wrong in trusting the brand.

Once I signed up, Possible dietician Simita Chatterjee guided me all the way with the right diet suggestions.

Why I fell in love with Possible’s super foods

The taste, simply the taste. I was pleasantly surprised that diet foods could be so tasty. I was able to look away from junk food.

The snacks were not just healthy, but super tasty that I could eat all I wanted without feeling guilty or putting on weight. In fact, the right eating plan with these foods ensured I lost weight while I ate healthy.

This was the first time I learned that you could lose weight by eating 70% of home-cooked foods, 30% of super foods and no weight loss pills.

This was also the first time I became aware of the extra health benefits of having super foods. With Possible Super Foods it was a perfect balance of health and taste.

My favourite Possible foods are definitely the snacks (Fruit & Nut Trail Mis), and Shake-a-Day in Mango flavour. Lip smacking and truly yum!

When the excess weight is gone

It took me around three months to lose all that excess fat. It is such a superb feeling. I like the way I look healthy and toned.

I am feeling so confident about myself – it’s a boost to my self-esteem. The best bit, I am able to wear all the clothes from my college days. It feels amazing! In fact, now I am going back to my tailor to get all my clothes altered to a smaller size.

My 3 Tips For Weight Loss

  • Tip#1: Try the Possible Detox. It is an amazing cleanser.
  • Tip#2: Be regular with exercise. It is a great way to get fit, lose weight and stay slim.
  • Tip#3: Eat a well-planned and structured diet. It should be 30% of super foods and 70% of Home food.

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