Here’s How I controlled My Diabetes Induced Weight Gain With Possible Super Foods: Rashmi Ghosh

Diabetes and imbalance in insulin can lead to weight gain. Many women and men struggle with excess weight due to sugar imbalance caused by diabetes.

Rashmi Ghosh, 43-year old homemaker from Bangalore, shares her experience of how a steady and healthy diet of Possible super foods helped her lose 11 kgs and bring diabetes under control.

Rashmi Ghosh before and after weight loss
Rashmi Ghosh before and after weight loss

Hi, I am Rashmi Ghosh, a home maker in Bangalore. I have been struggling with weight gain for a while, and I realised that it was due to diabetes.

Despite my best efforts to bring my weight under control, I was unable to do so. That was when I decided to try out the new diet concept from Possible.

It was the first weight loss company I was trying out. I had never tried something similar before. I was really excited by its concept of eating more and eating right to lose weight. I liked their organised diet plan.

I am happy I put my trust in Possible, because I was able to lose significant amount of weight with their plan. Possible dietician Simita Chatterjee guided me all the way with the right diet suggestions.

Why I fell in love with Possible’s super foods

I loved the snacks and the well-balanced diet that I was getting from Possible. I was able to maintain a good eating plan and lose weight at the same time.

I was happy to find that diet foods could be so tasty; I could eat all I wanted without feeling guilty or putting on weight. In fact, the right eating plan with these foods ensured I lost weight while I ate healthy.

In fact, with Possible’s diet plan for diabetic weight loss helped me changed my eating habits. With Possible’s help I was able to turn towards eating healthy and tasty meals.

The plan ensured that I was able to shed excess weight. With Possible Super Foods it was a perfect balance of health and taste.

When the excess weight is gone

It took me around five months to lose all that excess fat. It is such a good feeling.

I now feel more confident about myself. I have a new self-esteem. My fitness levels have definitely improved.

My 3 Tips For Weight Loss

Tip#1: Drink lots of water. It is an amazing cleanser and weight loss drink

Tip#2: Eat fewer grains and more vegetables to bring diabetes and weight under control.

Tip#3: Walk for an hour daily to keep fit.

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