How I Lost Over 15 Kgs With Possible Diet: Praveen Kumar

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We all know that weight gain can lead to diabetes and high cholesterol which are detrimental to your health. It becomes a catch 22 situation when your disease is aggravated due to excess weight, which happened because of the disease in the first place.

Dealing with such situation was 43 year old, CTO of a software company, Praveen Kumar. He sought Possible’s help, and with a rightly mapped diet plan Praveen was able to lose weight in an effective manner. He shares his experience.

praveen kumar before and after weight loss
praveen kumar before and after weight loss

Hello, I am Praveen Kumar working with a software development company in Bangalore. I was overweight and was suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and uric acid levels.

Due to my lifestyle diseases, I was finding it difficult to lose weight.

While I did enquire about various weight loss programmes, but I was not convinced enough to try them out. But then I came across Possible, and really liked approach to weight loss it offered.

It was different from others. I really liked the fact that Possible had a 10 Days Detox Package, which let me try out the program with a money back guarantee. It seemed honest.

Another attraction for me was the monthly food kit, that ensured I had healthy foods always at hand.

My weight loss journey with Possible

I am really happy about the fact that I was able to lose over 15 Kgs in 5 months.

The best thing was that as soon as I registered, I was assigned a dedicated health coach. Nutritionist Somi Won worked with me extensively to guide me towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

The Possible gave me daily food plan, which kept me on track.

When the excess weight is gone

Today, after losing considerable amount of weight, I feel very confident. My self-esteem and body image has become very positive. I am so thrilled about the fact that my protruding belly has almost vanished.

I now have higher levels of energy and can work long hours. This was not possible earlier. Today I am able to work for 12 hours without feeling exhausted.

I now have more energy with less food – I eat a lot less than the amount I used to eat earlier. I am really loving my new self.

Why I fell in love with Possible’s super foods

I love the fact that Truwieght Super Foods are easy to make. I love the taste of Possible’s ready to cook foods. Tasty dishes in half the effort.

I also love TruDrink – it has become my habit to drink that first thing in the morning. It has gone a long way in helping me lose weight.

It took me around three months to lose all that excess fat. It is such a superb feeling. I like the way I look healthy and toned. I am feeling so confident about myself – it’s a boost to my self-esteem.

The best bit, I am able to wear all the clothes from my college days. It feels amazing! In fact, now I am going back to my tailor to get all my clothes altered to a smaller size.

My 3 Tips For Weight Loss

Tip#1: Drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water daily.

Tip#2: Maintain time and discipline in eating your food. Avoid oily food, and eat more brown coloured food. Follow a diet chart and keep a food log. This will motivate you to eat healthy and evaluate your food intake.

Tip#3: Try to go for a walk 3 to 4 kilometres daily; if not, then try 5 days in a week.

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