Sapan Patra Lost 9 Kg In 6 Months And Managed Diabetes!

Sapan Patra Success Story

I was looking for a health program where I don’t have to sacrifice food. I also don’t want a program that is focused on heavy exercise. I was facing many issues like diabetes. After joining Possible, from Day 1 only I started feeling positive. I started seeing improvement in all my health conditions. My coach […]

Nagalakshmi Pai Lost 2.3 Kg In 8 Days!

Nagalakshmi Pai Success Story

I started my possible diet on 28th June 2023. I have taken a diabetes reversal program. Although I had stopped sugar and sweets, still my HbA1C was not reducing. I was worried as I already had BP, cholesterol, varicose veins, osteoarthritis, and slipped disc. I found out about this program through Facebook and promptly signed […]

Nidhi Sharma Lost 8.4 Kg In 8 Months And Managed Diabetes!

Nidhi Sharma Success Story

I have made such positive changes to my health and have seen improvements in My medical condition! Losing 8.4 kg in 8 months is a significant achievement, and it’s great that I have found support and guidance from my coach. All my health parameters have improved Hba1c levels are 9.5 to 6.1 and diabetic medicine […]

Kamlapati Tiwari Lost About 13 Kgs in 76 Days!

Kamlapati Tiwari Lost About 13 Kgs in 76 Days

My weight had increased a lot, people used to comment that how much my stomach has come out. And I am a physiotherapist, I do exercises for everyone, so they say, sir, pay attention to your health too. And my blood pressure was also very high but after joining Possible I have lost 13 kg […]

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