Vilas Bhalerao Lost Weight & Managed Diabetes!

Vilas Bhalerao Success Story

Before joining Possible, my HbA1c was 11. With Possible, it has come down to 7.6. My high cholesterol levels have also reduced and many other problems have been cured. I used to take allopathy medicine earlier, but my sugar levels were not decreasing. Possible has helped me a lot. I also do daily walks and […]

Ankita Rane – Lost 8 Kgs in 3 Months & Managed Diabetes

Ankita Rane Success Story

Before joining Possible, I was suffering from pre-diabetes. Once I started this journey, things began to improve. I started to feel energetic and could do all my chores without any problems. I was feeling good. And when I started reducing weight, I was even more motivated to follow the Possible program properly. Now, I have […]

MD Younus Saleem – Lost 9 Kg in 3 Months!

MD Younus Saleem Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 104 kg. I used to take tablets to lose weight, but I only lost 1 kg with them. But ever since I joined Possible, I have been following the diet plans very well. I had a habit of drinking tea with milk in the morning and many times (3) […]

Tara Walke – Lost 7.25 Kg in 4 Months!

Tara Walke Success Story

I was 82 kg and I had Thyroid and Type 2 Diabetes. I tried to manage my weight on my own. I started to do portion control, stopped consuming wheat, and started going to the gym. But I was still not able to lose weight and my medical condition was not improving. So, I joined […]

Vindhyeshwari Sahu – Lost 10Kg in 4 Months & Reversed Diabetes

Vindhyeshwari Sahu Success Story

Before Possible, I was about 78 kgs. I had some health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes. My HbA1c was 7.7. I used to go for morning walks regularly but besides that, I didn’t put much effort towards improving my health naturally. I was totally dependent on medicines for my diabetes. After joining Possible, […]

At Age 48, Ravi Gupta Lost 10 Kgs & Reversed Diabetes

Ravi Gupta Success Story

My Possible journey is going quite well. Before joining, I had a knee pain issue which is completely gone now. I’ve lost 9.7 kg of weight. My health feels better. My stamina has increased. Now I can jog without getting tired. Before, I couldn’t even jog for 2 minutes straight. Earlier, I couldn’t sleep without […]

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