Vilas Bhalerao Lost Weight & Managed Diabetes!

Vilas Bhalerao Success Story

Before joining Possible, my HbA1c was 11. With Possible, it has come down to 7.6. My high cholesterol levels have also reduced and many other problems have been cured.

I used to take allopathy medicine earlier, but my sugar levels were not decreasing. Possible has helped me a lot. I also do daily walks and exercises. I also join Nutri Club daily.

Thanks, Possible, my coach Bidisha mam, Dr. Ramya mam, and the nutrition club for amazing achievement as well as for reducing my fasting sugar level from 266 to 75 with HbA1c from 11 to 7.6.

All superfoods are good too. And I also take fruits with it.

What I want to say more is that I feel fresh, energetic, and excited to do my job and work. It’s possible because of Possible.

It’s 100 days of my diet, I haven’t cheated yet. I follow the diet properly. My only target is to stop the medicine. I want to share secret tips for my success.


  • Follow the diet properly.
  • Follow the video of Sobha’s mam’s exercise.
  • Follow what the doctor says.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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