Kamlapati Tiwari Lost About 13 Kgs in 76 Days!

Kamlapati Tiwari Lost About 13 Kgs in 76 Days

My weight had increased a lot, people used to comment that how much my stomach has come out. And I am a physiotherapist, I do exercises for everyone, so they say, sir, pay attention to your health too.

And my blood pressure was also very high but after joining Possible I have lost 13 kg weight till now.

Earlier I used to do exercise etc. But for weight loss, I was not able to follow a diet, so my weight was not reduced. But here, I am able to follow a diet very well.

The reason for my weight loss was that I am a physiotherapist, so I used to give health tips to people. So those people used to tell me, Sir, why don’t you pay attention to your health. My friends also used to tell me to lose weight.

And then I thought of joining Possible, then my friends started saying, at this age, you will not be able to. So this thing seemed too much to me and I thought that I have to lose weight. That’s why I thought of losing weight

Thanks Neha Jaiswal mam


  • Fix your routine, eat on time, sleep on time
  • Motivate yourself that you can do this.

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