Barkha Mittal Lost 5 Kg in Just 2 Months also managed thyroid and diabetes!

Barkha Mittal Lost 5 Kg in Just 2 Months also managed thyroid and diabetes

Before joining Possible, I had many problems, like acidity and a cyst in the uterus, and I always had body pain. I was also very lazy. My sugar level was also high, and my thyroid level was also out of control.

I had taken the Healthify program before this, but I was not able to follow it properly. But I am able to follow the Possible program very well; there are so many good superfoods, which means I can reduce weight by eating. I never feel hungry.

My dietician, Guneet Kaur, has been very supportive. I have to travel a lot due to my work, and I am very busy with my job. She has told me how to follow the diet plan accordingly.

The reason for reducing my weight was that I did not want to be unhealthy in my future life.
I don’t want to have any kind of disease, and I don’t want to depend on medicine because medicine makes me very weak. Due to this, I can’t even do any work.

At the time of COVID, my immunity had reduced a lot, and I had been infected three times. Because of this, my digestive system got damaged, and it was made so weak that even if I wanted to do something, I could not do it.

I really don’t know how I achieved it; I just followed my plan and coach’s instructions. I am looking forward to achieving more goals. I am enjoying my food a lot, but one thing I know now is that a small change in your lifestyle with little steps can do wonders and make your life beautiful. I am really feeling light and motivated towards my health as well as my work. Thanks Possible.

May I be healthy in my coming life because I have joined Possible.


  • Eat right.
  • Eat on time.
  • Pay attention to liquids; more water.

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