Ravi Vaibhav Agarwal Lost About 14Kgs in 3 Months and managed Diabetes!

Ravi Vaibhav Agarwal Lost About 14Kgs in 3 Months

Last year in October I had a full body checkup and my sugar levels were a little bit high. I used to feel so lazy and sleepy every time, because of these things I was getting frustrated.

But after joining Possible my life changed. I am reducing the weight at a good pace. My sleeping problem was also resolved. I am able to wear my old clothes. I am getting so many compliments from my family and friends.

I wanted to lose weight and become healthy. Here, they ask you to eat so many things that you can’t even finish. That’s the best part of the program. They make you eat more rather than less.

In the first month itself, I have seen wonderful results. Now, my total weight loss is 14kg in 3 months!

My journey with Possible has been great. The Possible team has been extremely cooperative the entire time. The coach, ‘Shaistha Saba’ mam has also been quite encouraging in their approach. I am thankful to her for their support. Even the other members of the Possible Club have been such a great support to me.

I am really satisfied with Possible.

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