Vijaya Bhaskar Kandi – Lost 7 Kg in 2 Months & Managed Thyroid

Vijaya Bhaskar Kandi Success Story

I was overweight and also had Thyroid problems. I felt lethargic all the time. I tried to become healthy on my own with diet and exercise but did not see any results. My diet was not proper.

After I joined Possible. I started to follow their diet and other instructions properly. My coach is very helpful. Even when I’m travelling, they suggest me easy foods. The Possible Superfoods are also nice.

With the help of all that, I have been able to lose 7.2 kgs in just 2 months! My belly fat has reduced a lot. My lethargy is gone and I feel a lot more energetic now. I’m comfortable now.

Besides weight loss, my thyroid levels have also improved. And I am glad to inform you that my doctor had to reduce my medicine dose. I feel healthy and active. Thank you, Possible!

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