Amit Paul – Lost 7 Kgs in 3 Months!

Amit Paul Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 78 kg.

I got to know of Possible on Facebook and took their 7 Days weight loss challenge. In 7 Days I lost 1.5 Kg, which gave me the confidence of losing more weight. Thereafter, I took the 1-month weight loss plan and followed it properly. Within a month I lost 6kg.

Earlier I did a lot of gyming to lose some weight but there was no difference. But, joining Possible has been very beneficial for me as I could lose weight with the right diet.

My coach Guneet guides me very well. Even if I eat something which is not aligned with my diet, she used to tell me how to detox the next day.

Earlier when I used to climb stairs, I used to have a lot of pain in my knees, but after losing weight, that problem has also resolved.

I have seen my parents and relatives suffering from many diseases after aging and this became the reason for me to focus on my own health.

After aging, it becomes very difficult to lose weight, so I decided to reduce my weight now. Because I wanted a healthy happy and enjoyable life.

I like all the superfoods of Possible, especially Red Rice Poha, Dosa, and Trudrink.


  1. Follow your Diet Properly, and Eat Food on time.
  2. Be consistent with Exercise

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