Edukulla Gayatri – Lost 9 Kg in 6 Months!

Edukulla Gayatri Success Story

Before Possible, I had borderline thyroid and so many other medical conditions. I was aware that dieting doesn’t mean starving myself, It means eating the right food. I wanted to do it on my own but I was clueless. Since I didn’t have expert guidance, I lacked direction on how to do it. I needed someone to follow up on my progress, motivate me and guide me through the entire process. That’s exactly what Possible gave me.

Possible catered to all my needs, whatever I needed to stay motivated throughout this journey. After joining, in 6 months only I recovered from all the medical conditions.

Now the kind of energy I have is all because of Possible. This program has changed my habits completely. Previously, I used to thrive on junk food. From breakfast to lunch to evening snacks and dinner, I always ate unhealthy junk food. Now the story is completely different. I’ve cut out all kinds of junk food from my life. I only eat what is right for my body.

Thanks to Possible, I’ve been able to lose more than 9kg. The coach is extremely supportive. She gave me just the guidance I needed. She always follows up and keeps track of my progress all the time.

Also, I must mention, the superfoods are amazing. I have fallen in love with them. They are tasty & also fulfil your nutrition requirement. I feel so much more energetic. I still have a long way to go.

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