Jyoti Saxena Lost 9Kgs in 86 Days!

Jyoti Saxena Lost 9Kgs in 86 Days

During covid, I gained so much weight. I was having some medical conditions so my doctor suggested that I have to lose weight.

I was trying so many things for weight loss, but I was not getting any results. Then I saw about Possible and I thought that I should try this. I took the 7 days plan and I reduced 1.5 kg.

After seeing this, I took the 3 months program. Now I have lost 9 kg weight in just 3 months. My coach, she has a very positive approach. I follow her advice as strictly as possible.

Also, I walk or jog every day. I also do yoga. I am soon going out of the country and because of this I will have to take a break but once I am back I will again continue with them.

Before covid, my routine was very hectic and As my job demands, my day starts early in the morning and has long-standing hours. After that, I was not able to lose weight, but now I have lost weight. And, now Possible is a part of my life.


  • Watch Possible videos and attend the nutri club meeting.
  • Follow the diet plan.

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