Nitesh Singh Lost 14 Kg In 2 Months!

Nitesh Singh Success Story

I joined Possible on Feb 9 after constant efforts to lose the unwanted fats and get back in shape. My extra weight was impacting my overall health and vibes. I could feel knee pain while doing even little physical activity, my gut health was gone for a toss, I was always in an irritated mood, slowly all the clothes became tight and I was feeling like staying at home all time. I couldn’t play with my daughter, as I was always feeling tired.

Last I checked my weight before joining Possible was 106.6 KG and immediately went into panic mode and was wondering how will I ever shred so much weight.

Luckily my friend advised me Possible and immediately after joining, I got positive vibes and I gave myself a target of 25-30 kg weight loss in the next 6 months. I started seeing results in a week’s time with the diet and guidance from Possible.

Slowly I added jogging to my daily routine. The combination worked like magic and now I have lost 14 KG in 2 months with professional guidance from Possible and my running.

Now I run 10 km daily and with the help of all the useful videos from Possible, I understand how our body operates and what changes we are required to make to ensure we stay fit. We can stay fit forever If we follow this mantra.

This is just midway and I still have another 4 months with Possible and need to lose another 10-12 KGs.

Thank you Possible. I must say with Possible it is possible!

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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