Pankaj Banka Lost 7.2 Kg In 3 Months!

Pankaj Banka Success Story

My goal was to lose weight because I had acidity. And I also had to change my lifestyle and keep my health right. I would like to specially mention the name of my Doctor Rujuta, my coach Mithila and Ashutosh Kumar, you all have been very supportive in this journey. Also thanks to the entire team of “Possible” who made this journey possible for me despite hard times.

I wanted to lose weight because I wanted a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I joined Possible together and our weight loss experience was great.
And before joining the program, I had an accident and got a ligament fracture so I was not allowed to do any exercises. Still, with the help of this program, I was able to lose 7.2 kg weight and 2 inches in 90 days.

The program is really flexible and everyone is helpful and they made the journey smooth.l enjoyed occasional cheat meals also and was allowed to eat almost everything but in the correct proportion and manner so it didn’t seem much like a diet.

The videos and nutriclubs were motivating and informative. The doctor, CRM, and coaches were always reachable, so I could get positive results and lose weight with only the given diet, and without exercise.

Not just this, we had to freeze our plan for 11 days in the middle of the program but with the help of a coach and doctor, I was able to still manage the weight and not gain weight in that period, which shows that the program is sustainable. Plus it’s easy to follow and maintain both.

The first result following this plan until now is that my acidity issue got cured and my BMI has improved.


  • Pay more attention to your diet followed by exercise.
  • Portion size, balanced meals, and timings are important.
  • More focus on sustainable weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • We need to value our health before we lose it.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.



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