Ruchika Singh Lost 5 Kg In 3 Months And Managed Thyroid!

Ruchika Singh Success Story

I had gained weight in the last 2 years and I was not able to wear the old dress.

My thyroid levels had also increased. I wanted to really follow a healthy lifestyle and needed expert guidance on diet. I wanted to change all this. That’s why I started looking for diet or health programs. And then came across POSSIBLE

I had not been getting so many results in the 1 month but in the last 2 months I have lost so much weight and my health issues have also improved. I’ve lost 5.5kg in 4 months and I’ve lost so many inches. Now people are noticing me.

I would like to say thank you to my coach Guneet for her consistent guidance and for helping me learn about what and whys of what we eat.

I want to lose weight because I love to wear new I reduced my weight and now I can wear all my old dresses.

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