Piyali Sikdar – Lost 5.4 Kg in 39 Days!

Piyali Sikdar Success Story

Before joining Possible, I used to eat too much oily food. I used to like fast food. I am Bengali, so I also used to eat sweets a lot.

My health has also deteriorated a lot since covid. I had problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol, so I thought of losing weight.

After joining Possible, I have now learned to cook with very little oil, and I like it now. I feel energetic now.

I have lost 5.5 kg till now and improved myself with the help of Possible.

Along with the job, I am able to manage everything very well. I cook my own food keeping my health in mind.

I have tried losing weight before as well. But after joining Possible, I am also bringing change in my lifestyle.

I have started walking, and I follow my diet very well.

My coach also helps a lot, If I ever get frustrated with my diet plan, she understands me.

Superfoods are good too.


  • Diet should be followed well, never leave it in the middle, even if you miss a day or two, then start again but don’t leave.
  • You should focus on yourself and your health before anything else.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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