Praveen Goel Lost 6.6 Kg in 1 Months!

Praveen Goel Lost 6.6 Kg in 1 Months!

Before joining Possible, My weight was 90 kg, due to my excess weight, I used to have a lot of problems. Earlier I had to go out for my official work also but now sit in the office due to which I gained even more weight. Due to increasing weight, there was a shortage in the wardrobe.

I took the program from Possible, first I was in detox for a few days. I followed the possible diet very strictly and also used to do workouts and by doing all this I came down from 90 kg to 83 kg.

After joining, Anshu came as my dietitian and I am so happy with the way she handled me. I discuss so many things with her. Because of her motivation and information, I reduced 7 kg in 1 month.

I also used to join all the meetings of Nutri Club, that too was very helpful n informative.
Earlier I used to think that diet meant being hungry but it is possible that you can lose weight by eating. I have a habit of consuming water, so I do that.

Until I was 84-85 Kg, I didn’t think of losing weight, but when I became 90 Kg, then I felt that now I have to pay attention to it. Then I asked my near n dear one what to do, and I came to know about the possibility and I talked to Manisha and she explained everything to me. And I am enjoying my weight loss journey a lot.


  • Strictly follow whatever your dietician says.
  • Join the Nutri Club meeting it helps a lot.
  • Self-motivation is very important, whatever you are doing, do it with full trust in yourself.

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