Radhika Janidal Lost 5.1 Kg In 27 Days!

Radhika Janidal Success Story

I was always at the higher end with my body weight and being blessed with twins made me realize to relook into my health seriously to avoid future health troubles as I cannot afford to be unhealthy and diseased.

Being a working mom of two, due to no ME time, I developed late-night cravings for eating outside food, and with time it became a HABIT that I was aware would have a worse impact on my health and this came out true with my current blood reports showing HIGH TSH and me falling into PREDIABTIC category.

I wanted to really follow a healthy lifestyle and needed expert guidance on diet. I wanted to change all this. That’s why I started looking for diet or health programs. And then came across POSSIBLE. What I liked the most about the program is along with the diet, they are also providing superfoods and educating clients on root causes, encouraging and supporting our journey at every step.

I want to say thank you to my coach Sravana Bindhu Sappa for her consistent guidance and helped me learn about what and whys of what we eat.

All of this helped me lose 5.1kgs in 1 months journey. I feel great and my energy level has increased. I can feel the difference as I am able to play with my kids till 12 am at night and manage my office work with no health complaints. I am developing a positive mindset and looking forward with hope for a healthy journey with Possible.

It’s been an awesome journey so far.


  • Follow your coach sincerely.
  • Discuss alternative food with them if something is not available from the plan.
  • Understand from them what is the benefit of each phase we are following and what we will get from that phase.

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