Ruchi Bhupendra Pareek Lost 4kg in 56 Days!

Ruchi Bhupendra Pareek Lost 4kg in 56 Days

Before joining Possible, I always felt tired, and could not be active at all.

I feel very energetic after joining Possible. I tried to lose weight by taking tips from YouTube but it didn’t work.

After joining Possible Only, I understood that I need to eat healthily to lose weight. I lost 4kg in the last 56 days. It was not easy for me. All this happened because I was disciplined and wanted to work towards my goal.

The most important thing is that if you are not able to reduce your weight, then discuss it with the coach and never give up. My coach is helping me a lot on my journey. Support from my dietician Anshu Ahuja has been good.

I wanted to lose weight because as we are seeing that nowadays due to increasing weight, so many diseases are happening. That’s why I took the program from Possible to stay healthy.


  • Food should be eaten from the time table , we should take fruits and vegetables in food.
  • Do workout

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