Why Testing Sugar Levels Is Not Enough If You Are Concerned About Diabetes?

testing sugar level for diabetes using a glucometer

Should you check only your sugar levels to know whether you have diabetes or not?
The answer is NO. Your sugar levels tell you when you have already developed diabetes. But by then it’s already too late.

Is there any other marker, which can predict your diabetes, much before it happens? Wouldn’t it be a game-changer? As you can take corrective actions and prevent diabetes from occurring.

The answer is Yes, there is a significant marker, which is always ignored by all health professionals. And it’s very easy to measure this number. It’s a very simple indicator called insulin. [1]

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Insulin Levels in Type 2 Diabetes

Before I tell you more about it, let me explain how diabetes happens in a very simple way.

There are two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 2 is more common and forms 90% of the patients. Hence, we will talk about Type 2 Diabetes only in this article.

Let me ask you one more question: Is Type 2 Diabetes disease a disease of too little insulin or too much insulin? Almost 99% of people answer that it’s “too little insulin”. But the answer is wrong. It’s too much insulin.
Seems very surprising!

Let me explain.

Insulin is a hormone in our body whose job is to transfer glucose from the blood to the cells. But sometimes insulin is not able to do its job effectively and this condition is called insulin resistance. In that case, the body produces more insulin to do the job. Let me explain with an analogy. If you are building a wall and you have hired 1 worker to do the job. Let’s assume that the worker meets with an accident and can work at 50% capacity. So, to do the job on time, you will have to hire another worker (who also works at 50% capacity). So, you have 2 workers instead of 1. Similarly, when insulin is not working properly, your body will have more insulin.

But what’s the problem with that? Problem is that the story does not stop there. The workers become lazy as nobody tells them anything for working less. Now, they work at 33% capacity and you hire 1 more worker. Then 25% capacity, and you hire the fourth worker for the same work. And then at a point, you cannot hire more workers because of your budget and the existing workers are not doing much work and your wall remains incomplete.

Similarly, insulin becomes more inefficient and you will need more insulin production. And it reaches a point, where all the extra insulin is also not able to do the work. And then, your sugar levels will start to go up. So, your sugar levels go up only in the last stage. Before that for months and years, your insulin levels go up. So, if your insulin levels are high, then you know that you have developed insulin resistance, which is a precursor to diabetes. And not just diabetes, but multiple other diseases like thyroid, etc. [2]

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What is the Normal Range for Insulin Level?

So, it’s very important to check your fasting insulin levels. The normal range as per lab reports is up to 24. But as per functional medicine, it should be less than 6. If anything higher than 8-9, you should be taking action to lower your insulin levels.

Who Should Get Tested for Insulin?

It can be measured very quickly in a blood test. And it was not expensive. If you are getting a detailed lab report done, you can ask for fasting insulin. Within a 3-3.5k budget, you should be able to get 100+ lab parameters, including insulin.

Who Should Get Tested For Insulin?

Anybody above 30-35 years should get it tested once a year. And if you feel any symptoms like frequent urination, etc. Then also, you should get tested.

How Important is it to Get Yourself Tested For Insulin?

Diabetes affects over 7 crore Indians. It’s a disease which can reduce your lifespan by 10 years. And makes you spend an amount of Rs15 lakhs on medications in your lifetime. And keep you sick for many years. Nobody should get affected by it. And if you can diagnose it earlier, even before it happens, you have a much better chance of preventing it. Why would you not do it?

We would highly recommend you do it.

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