Yoghurt Parfait With Fruit & Nuts.

Yogurt parfait


Yoghurt Parfait With Fruit & Nuts.

If you’re one of the typical foodies who can’t just give up on desserts, this recipe is for you. You might not realise it but you end up taking a lot of calories and unhealthy stuff in a bowl of dessert. You know what’s more shocking? Sometimes that dessert accounts for an entire meal’s quota. We’re not here to make you stop eating. We’re here to help you eat right. So here’s the tip–opt for desserts that are beneficial for you. This bowl of yogurt parfait is filled with natural fruits that’ll enhance your metabolism. Check out the recipe to make an amazing bowl of Yogurt Parfait!

  • 1 cup chilled yoghurt (dahi)(100gm)
  • 5 gm /each Few nuts (almonds, walnut, cashew)
  • 25 gm/each fresh fruits (pomegranate, litchi, strawberry, blueberry, mango, chikoo etc. anything that is
  • High protein ladoo -1, ground (or whole roasted) flaxseeds


  1. In a cup, add some granola and nuts, and then add a layer of yoghurt, followed by a layer of fruits. Go for any number of layers but two should be enough.

  2. Add brown sugar if desired.

  3. Sprinkle 1 tsp flax seeds.

  4. This is essentially a mixture of fruit, yoghurt and nuts. Don’t blend it together so that you can enjoy the individual taste of each ingredient.



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