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List of Unhealthy foods

You can lose weight without torturing yourself with so-called health foods!

The common problem with most of these foods is that they use artificial stuff or add more harmful stuff than the regular ones. Let’s look at some of these healthy foods in detail here:

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Diet Colas – Worse than regular colas

It is widely believed that diet cola does not have any calories; hence it is recommended for weight loss.

But what we ignore is the fact that these drinks have artificial sweeteners and chemicals that could lead to weight gain.

According to studies, diet soda does not have any calories; it certainly has an impact on insulin that resembles the intake of sugar.

When you drink diet soda, the sweet taste is understood by your body as sugar and this causes a release of insulin by the pancreas, similar to when you take in natural sugar.

And then there are studies to prove that drinking diet soda could increase the chances of obesity and might even prevent you from losing the weight you want to lose.

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So, if you do want to drink cola, don’t fall for diet cola but drink the regular cola.

At least, you’ll restrict your intake as you’ll be cognizant of its harmful side effects.

Corn Flakes – Highly Processed Foods

Corn Flakes – Highly Processed Foods
Corn Flakes

Any corn flakes product has a base of corn and other ingredients of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and malt flavoring, all of which are rich in high GI carbohydrates.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) promotes obesity and is known to stimulate overeating and therefore increase insulin resistance in the body.

So, consuming high quantities of high GI carbohydrates, present in cornflakes, only heightens that risk since it increases blood sugar dramatically which, in turn, stimulates fat storage in the body.

Low-Fat Products – Big Marketing Ploy

Most of the diet foods, as we know them, actually make you fat. In terms of foods, the expressions “fat-free” and “low-fat” often mean that the foods in question are rich in sugar and thickeners, which can add bulk to your waistline.

So, by taking out the fat from foods, you take out its flavor. Once this is removed, you need to replace it with something else, which is low fat.

These low-fat substitutes are quick to digest and hence people end up eating 28% more calories, according to research conducted by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

Substitutes for oil are usually sugars, gums, and starches.

However, it’s better to use half a teaspoon of oil than two tablespoons of something false. The same is the case with “fat-free sour cream” and other such foods.

Artificial Sweeteners – Nothing Natural about it

Artificial sweetener side effects
Artificial sweetener

These chemicals or natural compounds perform the duty of replacing the traditional sweet taste of sugar, without adding on calories.

Though artificial sweeteners do not add to calories, they are a worse choice for weight loss. Excessive sugar is bad for weight loss, but still, it is natural.

Artificial sweeteners are instrumental in increasing your appetite.

Besides, there are now sugar-free products in the market that help enhance your blood sugar levels dramatically—just like the white flour contained in sugar-free cookies.

So, all these points to the fact that “sugar-free” foods aren’t good for you if you’re dieting. You can get your sugar content from other products such as honey, jaggery, and stevia. These are natural, safe and will not damage your system.

Soya – Highly over-rated health food


It is projected as the “Wonder Food” with humungous health benefits. It is the richest source of protein.

Forget about being healthy, the unfermented soy could be a dangerous food. Unfermented soy is the type found in soy milk, tofu, soy ‘meat’, soy protein supplements and soybean oil.

Packaged juices – calories in a bottle!

Packaged juices

They are more calorie dense than they are healthy, according to doctors and a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health.

While processing and packing these drinks, the health-giving phytonutrients of these fruits that can protect you against diseases are lost.

They also lack the necessary fiber that’s good for you and instead contains a lot of fructose.

Refined Oils – Slow Poison

Is Refined Oil good for health?
Refined Oils

Heart disease is rampant today, largely due to the overuse of refined oils in our cooking.

Usually, the cooking oils we use these days are processed to such a degree that they cease to be heart healthy and are virtually poison.

This is because, during the refining process, a chemical solvent called hexane is used to extract oil. Further, it is processed and deodorized at very high temperatures of more than 300-400°C.

The resulting oil is usually tasteless and colorless and is packed with Trans fatty acids that are newly formed.

These are harmful to you as they increase cholesterol levels in the blood and lead to inflammatory disorders like arthritis and cancer.

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