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Why take a chance on situations and events to put you in the right frame of mind? Instead, you can create them by doing some of the things mentioned below and improve your mood instantly:

1. Do a random act of kindness:

Do something good for some stranger e.g. pay for somebody’s coffee at coffee shop, buy a balloon for a kid on the road, help a blind person cross the road, buy a meal for a beggar, etc.

This is the best way to keep your spirits high!! Try it for yourself!

2. Wake your spouse up with breakfast:

The best thing that could happen to you is to see your spouse first thing in the morning.

If he/she’s sleeping, wake him/her up and while you’re at it, why not give him/her coffee and a cooked breakfast too?

Your spouse is going to love it!!

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3. Give your pet a run down:

A little love and affection to your pet is a good way of kickstarting your day.

He or she will love it, for sure, and seeing him or her happy will make you happy too.

4. Turn on the music:

You could have some music on while you drive to work, or enjoy the solitude by switching it off.

Music does relax one, but if it distracts you, turn down the volume and drive on.

5. Check out the news:

If you don’t have the time to read the newspaper, catch all the morning’s news on TV before you leave home.

It could be a good icebreaker when you’re with your colleagues.

6. Drive carefully and slowly to work:

If you’re late and do some speed driving, you’re sure to get into a mess and have a horrible day, so drive slowly and carefully.

7. Smile when you reach your workplace:

If you wear a smile when you arrive at your workplace,

it can make a big difference to your day and to the general work environment—a smile is that potent!!

So, smile and see the difference it makes to your day.

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8. Look happy and be happy:

When you walk in to your workplace, check that the smile on your face is a reflection of your general happiness.

If you aren’t happy, it will show and affect your relationships with your co-workers which, in turn, will affect the quality of your day.

9. Speak to one of your close friends:

By doing this, you are interacting with a person, which is definitely going to put you in a good frame of mind.

If you share a joke, it lightens your mood and you feel good all day.


10. Ensure that you have a positive mindset: 

Do all you can to have a positive frame of mind because this can go a long way for you.

Talk yourself into believing that you are going to have a good day, no matter what.

You could even pray to God and ask for a peaceful and happy day, and you can be sure you will get it.

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