12 months, 20.5 kgs lighter – The incredible journey of Madhulika with Possible

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Hypertension, hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism and acute back pain – these are some of the diseases that were plaguing Madhulika Singh, a 52-year-old homemaker from Bangalore.

Her attempt to lose weight using various methods was unsuccessful and as a last resort, she enrolled in Possible’s health program. Well, her weight loss journey began to take a positive turn from there onwards.

In 12 months, Madhulika lost over 20 kgs! She is now healthier, happier and lighter!

Ditching fad efforts and adopting ‘tru’e efforts

About her earlier experiences, Madhulika said, “I tried every possible trick to lose weight. I tried dozens of weight-loss diets on and off, lost a couple of kilos every time only to gain it back. Long back, I had joined a weight loss company. Initially, I lost 10 to 12 kgs but couldn’t sustain for long. I later understood that the weight loss industry is all about fancy gadgets and pills.

Madhulika's before after weight loss jouneyI was introduced to Possible by my friend and was a bit hesitant at first. Now I can honestly trust Possible for its holistic approach to weight loss. I realised that with Possible, there are no gadgets, pills, lies and starvation – only true weight loss”.

Rejoicing in the concept of “eat more, lose more”!

Speaking about Possible’s program, Madhulika added, “I love the fact that in Possible, you can eat more, sleep more and lose more.  The nutritionists are quite excellent. Whenever I face any issue, they respond, guide & motivate me. I thank Possible for making me fit and healthy”.

A boost in confidence

“Having been overweight for almost a decade, losing 20.5 kgs in 12 months is no easy task. More than the weight, losing the extra baggage was harder. My coach Ms Shereen Hussain helped me to become fit. When I ate a well-balanced diet, my body began to respond automatically. I can feel a surge in my confidence and energy. Now that I have lost all the weight, I intend to keep it this way. My health has improved; both my food choices and self-image have changed”, Madhulika said.

Superfoods – foods for life

Talking about Possible superfoods, Madhulika said, “Possible superfoods are highly nutritious, natural fat-burners and good for health. They are tasty and also have very few amounts of calories. My favourite Possible superfoods are Mighty Millet Idli, Protein-Rich Upma, Teatox, Noni Kokum Drink, Shake-a-Day (mango and Irish coffee flavour) to name a few.

Madhulika’s three tips to weight loss are,

  • Self-control
  • Consistency
  • Discipline
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