Md Husain – From Being Obese To Turning Energetic

Md Husain After Weight loss

Md Husain, an 18-year-old adolescent, was struggling with obesity. During his 11th and 12th grade, he gained a lot more weight owing to the stress and lack of physical activity. This worried him and his parents. 

He joined Possible health program when he thought he had hit the rock bottom. Over a period of 10 months, he has lost a total of 35 kgs. 

Here, he shares his weight loss journey after joining Possible and how the program changed his life. Well, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth! 

My ‘from fat to fit’ story

Hi, I am Husain. Let me tell you about myself first. I am a teenager and weighed about 90kgs. I was obese since childhood. But my last 3 years (i.e. my 10th, 11th and 12th standard) gave me a lot of stress and I had to be thoroughly focused on my studies. In these three years, I hardly had the chance to be involved in any physical activities. As a result of all these, I gained another 25kgs (i.e. 115kgs in total). I tried to change my diet at home many times, but all of it failed. 

Though I had no health issues as such, my parents were worried about my increasing weight. They wanted me to eat healthily and diet as well. They did not want me to be weak at such a young age or have any other health issue due to obesity. So we opted for Possible.

My journey with Possible began by taking free consultation at my residence for my overall health. I had taken a 5-month program initially as advised by my consultant Mr.Gautam in August 2018, which I extended to another 5 months.

A personalised couch was assigned to me and superfood kits were sent to me. The diet plans given by my coach Ms Afeefa Khatoon were tailor-made to suit me, as she would discuss my likes and dislikes and set them accordingly. Besides I had my semester exams twice during the program. 

There was a lot of stress, due to which I had put on some weight which I already lost. During this time, my coach intervened and suggested some diet changes.  The main thing I want to mention is that I was not so fond of physical activities. So, even if I walked for 30 minutes daily, my coach was satisfied. Despite my high-stress levels and lack of physical activity, I still lost my weight. 

My coach highly motivated me throughout my journey with Possible. Whenever I gained back my lost weight, my coach would analyse my diet logs and rectify where we went wrong so that we would not make further mistakes. We would blindly follow the plans and instructions of our coach.

Whenever I felt demotivated, my coach and my mom would discuss and bring some facts to my notice and motivated me again. I was allowed to have cheat meals also during the program.

In the superfood kits provided by Possible, I got to eat snacks and other delicious foods. I relished Shake-A-Day, a high protein drink, always. In fact, I was looking forward to my coach to incorporate it into my diet plans. Overall, the kit has lots of superfoods. I must appreciate the efforts taken behind the research to create those superfoods. 

After finishing my 10-month program I still keep ordering them. Trust me, the cost of Possible program and the kits provided during the program were totally worth it.

What I gained by the end of this program:

  • I gained back my health first
  • Lost more than 35kgs
  • I learnt the importance of a balanced diet in my life

Some tips from my side would be

  • Stay motivated
  • Be consistent in exercising and following the diet plans 
  • Trust Possible blindly and be focused


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