Ritik Kotak’s weight loss journey: 36 kgs lost and much healthier now!

Ritik Kotak after weight loss

This inspiring story of young Ritik Kotak will make you want to lose some weight right now!

When he came to Possible, Ritik was 104 kgs and today, he is 68 kgs. During his journey with Possible, this young man had lost a whopping 36 kgs

Possible was able to help him with his weight loss journey during the most crucial years of his schooling – 11th and 12th grade. We ensured that the meal plans devised for Ritik never hindered him or his studies physically or mentally.

Here he shares his story and weight loss journey with Possible…

Ritik’s health before Possible

Though Ritik did not have any health issues, he was quite unhappy with the way he looked. “Earlier, I was not able to do several activities due to my weight. But now I am able to indulge in those activities with ease, all thanks to Possible”, Ritik said.

The Possible experience

Ritik, who has not tried other weight loss companies prior to Possible, said, “I love the flexibility that Possible offers. Their health plans are very flexible and have a variety in it. One can choose according to their needs and achieve the desired results”.

Shedding those extra kilos

After losing 36 kgs, a confident and happy Ritik said, “I feel great and light now. I can do physical activities which I was discouraged to do earlier due to my appearance and weight.

Ritik Kotak Before After picYou see, no matter what, if you are obese or overweight, you will be always concerned about your appearance and your ability to do things. When your weight starts affecting your self-confidence, it is crucial that you do something about it, so you can go ahead and do all the things you want without the unnecessary social scrutiny”.

Understanding Superfoods

In the beginning, Superfoods weren’t really Ritik’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but appreciate them after experiencing their benefits. Talking about Superfoods, he said, “At first, they seemed boring but once my taste pallet expanded I found them extremely tasty”.

His 3 tips for weight loss

  • Don’t brag about it. Let your results speak.
  • Take small steps and work on it. Start by controlling your cravings, make small changes in your routine and diet consistently. Importantly, don’t overwhelm yourself by getting a gym membership and new shoes only to go for 3 days.
  • Don’t see this as a typical diet because diets eventually come to an end and then you relapse. Look for ways using which you can make this your lifestyle.

Ritik’s new-found love for fitness is much evident now

In his own words – “Before this I hadn’t even dreamt of pursuing fitness and, now I can’t think of a day without exercise and following a healthy meal plan. This change was only possible because I was supported and encouraged by a group of world’s most awesome people – my mother (who also jumped in with me and lost 12 Kgs) and my coach Ankita Ma’am”.

With the help of the support provided by his mother and dietitian Ankita, Ritik conquered his weight issues and now leads a much happier and healthier life.

We are so happy for you Ritik. You have achieved something even most of the older adults has trouble achieving. May your story be an inspiration to many other youngsters out there!



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