13kg Weight Loss Jouney of Anbu Arumugam with Possible

Anbu Arumugam is a software engineer living in Bengaluru. His lifestyle of partying and eating food outside had led him into obesity. Before he joined Possible, Anbu weighed around 95kg. He had tried it all; working out in the gym and many more.

He later came across Possible add and enrolled for a 5-month program with us. The program set a ground for him to explore new foods that could help him lose weight. Initially it was difficult for him to tag along with the diet and the new routine.

With the motivation from the Possible team and his coach he was able to build a consistent growth in his healthy lifestyle.

Since he loved to cook, he started exploring a variety of healthy foods such as millet dosa, upma, poha etc. He loved south Indian meals, so he replaced white rice with brown rice and many such healthy replacements with which he did not have to sacrifice over his taste buds.

Previous to the program, Anbu had no breakfast in his routine diet. He generally had 2 main meals a day; brunch and dinner. Today, the program has successfully made him realize the importance of breakfast. He loves having breakfast now.

Along with diet the program guided him for mild exercises and walking as well. Also, Anbu has managed to reduce partying and rarely consumes outside food.

Not just Anbu, this program has impacted over his family’s lifestyle as well. They have also adapted some of the healthy changes in them.

Some of the changes that Anbu sees in himself today is that,

  • He feels healthy today.
  • He feels lite and energetic with no room for dizziness or fatigue.
  • Due to the healthy lifestyle, he is able to concentrate well on his work and is easily able to work extra in a day.

Today, Anbu is 81kg. He has managed to reduce from 95kg to 81kg, losing nearly 14kg. He is lite and healthy. Not just weight loss, Anbu has brought down all his health parameters to normal. He rarely falls sick today.

One of the advice from Anbu is to be consistent with the program. It is really important for one to understand that stressing yourself to do something can only harm you, instead go easy on yourself. Do what is good for you.

 We listen to a number of stories everyday. We cannot be grateful enough for these enthusiasts who prioritize their health over everything. Well! We all have to be choosing health over everything. It is utmost important today!

Join us in your journey of healthy lifestyle today!

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