Sanjeev loses 7 kg with Possible Program. What helped him lose weight?

Sanjeev Vasudeva is a chartered Accountant and an Investment Banker by profession living in Delhi. Although he had never been overweight in general, he seemed to have gained a bit in the last 3-4 years. He assumes this to be because of his over consumption fruits and other sugary foods.

Keen to bring his obesity in control and take a hold on his food habits he enrolled to a program with Possible. Since then he has managed to lose 7 kgs so far.

Sanjeev has always been physically active with exercises. He is fond of badminton and engages himself in badminton everyday. During times when he misses out on playing badminton, he chooses to walk nearly 5-6 km everyday.

Apart from being overweight, Sanjeev has had high Blood Pressure which is in control now. He is fortunate enough to have a healthy practice followed throughout his life so far that has helped him maintain his health without any medical conditions.

The main changes that the program has brought to him is healthy eating. He has been consistent with the healthy diet prescribed from the program and is happy to maintain it throughout.

A sweet tooth himself, he has cut down on sugary food consumption and rarely has anything with sugar. He owes it to his self-control and determination for having changed most his habits and practice of healthy living.

Due to lockdown he sure is missing his sports activity but manages to walk around his place. He also engages himself in reading and writing to keep his mind active.

Being a self-motivated man himself, he is also grateful to have had an excellent coach from thePossible and finds a friend in them.

As a message for our viewers and audience, he urges everyone to choose a healthy living over anything and that a momentary pleasure can lead to a forever affect on our lives, hence be wise and live healthy.

 It is compelling to see our clients grow healthy and strong through our program. Their kind words keep encouraging us to come up with newer ideas and efforts towards them.

At the end healthy living is eternity!

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