Jasjeet Singh has lost 20kg and here is his success story with Possible

Jasjeet Singh success story

Losing 20 kg is not just another news you hear. It is a complete transformation in a person; it is an achievement that not most people get to cherish. Our client Jasjeet Singh is relishing this achievement today.

He feels like a whole new person now. He is surprised by the fact that not just weight loss, the program has had a positive impact on his health as well. He has managed to normalize his blood pressure, problems related to liver and kidney as well.

He says that you can do anything if you follow certain rules consistently. He is believed to have been disciplined with the program and that, we can see it in the outcome.

We are amazed by his experience and here we share with you some of his words.

So Jasjeet, today you are a whole new person! How did you do this?

Yes! It is all due to the program and my better half who has been with me, supporting me to lead a healthy lifestyle. Prior to the program I was 105 kg, today I am 85 kg.

I surely feel more lite today, healthier to be precise. It has taken around 9-10 months to achieve this. I followed a strict diet as instructed by the dietician. I also made it a routine to walk a minimum 40-45 mins daily.

My major problem was eating food outside, frequently. I cannot avoid that since my profession serves like that, but now I am aware of what I should eat and how much I should eat.

Now I rarely eat outside. I brought a lot of changes with regard to diet. Hence, I was able to be where I am today.

You said that you followed a strict diet, what was it like? Did you feel you are deprived of food?

Not at all. In fact, I had more options for food. Initially I felt dizzy during the detox period because the routine was changed and the type of foods that I ate was different. I loved non-veg, but I had to cut down on some because it was necessary.

I had tea addition as well, but I managed to cut down on sugar and the frequency of having tea. It took time, but eventually it became a routine, a healthy routine. I liked it, in fact I enjoyed it.

Now I rarely eat non veg, especially because of the COVID-19 impact. But I don’t even feel the cravings or need to eat non veg anymore.

Did you have other health issues? Did the program impact on your health issues?

Definitely! I had fluctuating Blood pressure which is normalized today. I also had liver problems, that could have been due to my obesity, that is normalized too. And had kidney issues which is normal now. I am clean with health problems.

One of the major problems that I had was, I frequently had stomach upsets. It has been 6 months that I have not experienced any problems with stomach or diarrhea. I had the tablet’s name byheart before, now I don’t need them.

Now I cannot even imagine how my problems vanished without having to take any medicines. I am so grateful to thePossible program.

What are the changes that the program has impacted in you?

Many actually. I am more aware of what my body needs. I know what to eat and what not to eat. My routine is right today. I eat salads and something healthy and I feel full and content.

I walk daily for at least 40-45 mins. It relaxes my body and makes me feel less stressful. Initially I could only walk for 2-3 rounds, now I can easily walk for nearly 20 rounds. Isn’t that amazing?

I enjoy walking now, while that was a boredom before. The program has impacted on my immune system majorly. It is strong now. I rarely fall sick.

Looking at the changes that I have gone through, people around me have enrolled. They say I have inspired them. I feel good today!

 And so, do we! It is indeed overwhelming to listen to clients say these words and also be a part of their journey. The whole credits should go to Jasjeet, without his determination and discipline nothing could have been possible.

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