Tanuja Umashankar and Her Success Story Of Losing 13kg with Possible

Tanuja Umashankar success story

Tanuja Umashankar was a member at Possible last year. She is a teacher by profession and has managed to lose 13 kg in her term with us.

We have come across a lot of enthusiastic clients and Tanuja here excels among all. We are proud and happy to know that even after the completion of her program with us she has managed to maintain her healthy lifestyle even today.

Our conversation with Tanuja will help you understand of how Possible impacts on you and your lifestyle even after the program. We are not just aiming to make you better looking, we aim at bringing the healthy version out from within you.

Here is how our conversation with Tanuja was like,

So Tanuja, how was your program with Possible? How do you feel today?

I am grateful to Vishnu Sir and Megha Ma’am. They have always motivated me throughout the program. I lost around 13kg in an extremely healthy way.

Before joining thePossible program I was heavy. I loved sweets. So tried a lot of workouts at gym. I tried diets. At the end I used to feel dizzy and tired always.

After joining thePossible program, I feel healthy today. I do eat sweets, fromPossible superfood. I had never imagined that I could lose weight without having to sacrifice sweet.

AtPossible, you do not feel like you are on a diet program. The word ‘diet’ used to scare me before. You will not find an app like Possible for weight loss.

How is the afterlife of ‘Possible Program’ for you?

Nothing changed. I still feel I am in a program.  Eating healthy food everyday. I do small workouts at home.

I also enjoy the Truweight superfoods. Infact my family also loves them, especially my son. The program has had great impact over my family as well.

Did you have other health issues? Other than overweight?

Yes! I had low blood pressure. I was actually worried about joining Possible, because I didn’t want to risk my health over low blood pressure and losing weight.

But the team helped me understand the whole program. I am glad I joined Possible. They actually made my dream come true. Weight loss was something I always wanted to achieve.

My blood pressure is normal today. I also feel energetic everyday.

Can you tell us about the changes that you have brought in your life?

Vishnu Sir once told me that we should all “Concentrate on counting nutrients than on counting calories”. Well! Do you see any other best approach than this?

So, today I concentrate on what I eat. I eat little meals in regular intervals. This keeps me energetic and I do not feel tired anymore. This has brought my sugar level parameter to normal.

I have become a fan of Possible. I can never forget the changes you brought in me today. You have a unique approach and I am sure there are millions out there who needs your guidance.

 It profoundly affects us positively when we learn that our program has impacted such lives. They are all happy today and that makes us even happier.

So, what is the wait for? Do you not want to be the next here?

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