A truly inspiring weight loss success story of Alka Sharma with Possible

Alka Sharma weight loss success story

Stress is most common in the new age generation and that has led to serious health issues in most people today. This stress and its consequences have brought Alka Sharma to Possible.

Alka Sharma, a Psychologist and a teacher, joined us in the month of January 2020. The increase in her weight and a feeling of unhealthy made her realize that she hadn’t taken time for herself in years and that has brought down her health to disaster.

Being in a Healthline herself, she analysed and researched before joining Possible and expresses her gratitude towards the team and the Possible approaches towards health.

In order to understand and relive her journey withPossible, we interrogated her with a series of queries. This was not just about her journey but also, we learnt more things on stress and management from the psychologist herself.

How do you feel about joining Possible?

It has been great so far. I researched a lot aboutPossible before I joined. I am glad that I am here today. I have always been stressed with my teaching job for the psychology department and my health. That is a major reason for me to join Possible.

The entire team is wonderful. Although I am still obese and trying to bring down my weight, the team never gives upon me. They take care of minimal to bigger things.

They make an incredibly positive connection with you. You feel good everyday. That is whatPossible will offer you with, to feel healthy and good.

I am grateful to the team and the founders.

What are the changes that you have brought in your life since the time you joined Possible?

I focus on what food I eat everyday. Now, I add a variety of food in my diet. I also research the details of these foods. Possible has taught me that you can eat well and lose weight parallelly.

I have learnt to do right budgeting of food. Today, during this lockdown period, you have to make the best use of what you have. Also focus on what is right for your body and what is not.

What is your take on our Superfoods?

I like them. But my son loves them the most, especially the chocolate cookies. There are certain things that I do not consume, but some are really great and good for health.

You are Psychologist, do you have any suggestions on how to deal with stress, especially during this lockdown?

Yes! I do want to tell people that it is in their hands to make right choices. To choose between pleasure and pain. To come out of your comfort zone. Stress can come with inconsistent in healthy eating.

I have experienced it too. As a person you have to think and use your mind to focus on what is best for you. You should not let your mind control you, that will lead to procrastination and be less productive.

Make your mind to wake up early and start your day. Keep yourself calm and content.

 We had a very transparent conversation with Alka. We are delighted to see that we have not only helped her into a healthy lifestyle but also it has reflected on her outlooks in life.

It is true that a healthy life brings a lot of happiness to one’s life. It changes you within too. What are you waiting for? We want to write your success story next. Come join us.

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