Success Story of Indu Acharya and Here is How She Feels Possible!

Indu Acharya is one of our valuable clients from Mumbai. She has been with us for over 2 months now and has progressed to improving her health conditions each day with weight loss as well.

One of her beliefs being “If you want to start doing something right, do it today and do not wait for tomorrow or later!” has surprised us and also, her determination towards a healthy lifestyle.

We were eager to know her experience with us in Possible and also the changes that the program has brought in her, especially during this lockdown. These experiences will not only make us happy but also build a substantial motivation in us towards what we do.

So, here is how Indu’s experience is so far,

How has been your experience with Possible so far?

I joined Possible a couple of months ago. Before joining I always thought I should be working out, eating healthy and many more healthy changes but I always procrastinate.

I am glad I joined Possible. I could sense the changes in me right during the detox period. I could see that I was losing weight.

Although the lockdown has caused problems, my coach has made me feel that does not really matter. Initially, I could hardly climb stairs, but now I climb up 4 floors easily. This is what Possible does to you, it makes you feel healthy and lite.

Do you have other health issues?

I do! I have thyroid and High blood pressure. Even though it has not been very long with the program, all the healthy food that I am consuming daily has made me feel great within.

Today I am not worried about my health conditions. Because I know all that is going to be normal soon. This confidence in me is because of the motivational videos of Possible.

Sometimes I tend to gain weight, especially because of the current lockdown as I do not find certain food in the market. But I am determined today that I will not let my weight increase. Even if I do not lose weight, I will manage the same weight until the lockdown.

What changes do you see in yourself now?

I never had prioritized my health before. I always thought doing good to others is what makes one happy. But with motivation from the Possible team, I have realized that unless you are healthy you can never be happy.

Today, I eat healthy food in each meal. Also, at a regular time. This practice has reduced my wrong cravings.

I also want people to experience this. I want all of them to try this program, at least once. It can change their life positively.

What do you feel about Possible? And the Program?

Possible has a unique way to bring right change in you. They have a distinctive approach. They do not make you starve to lose weight. Instead, they guide you to have enough food that is required for your body.

They not only focus on your physical health, but also help you grow mentally. They show you how important it is to feed yourself with your good food and also prioritize health over anything and everything.

Today, I tell people to do anything they want to do, right now! And not wait for tomorrow or later. I think that is an important lesson to learn.

 Little did we know, how much a right change in lifestyle brings so much happiness in someone. These kind words by Indu, motivates us more today.

We want you to feel the same, feel happy everyday! Join us today!


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