Umme Salma’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey With Possible

umme salma success story

“I have been trying to lose weight for years, but nothing ever worked out for me until I joined Possible!” says Umme Salma, who has been with us for the past 3 months now.

She is glad to have joined Possible and has taken up a yearlong program with us. Umme, being weakly immune, has realized the importance of immunity especially during the current lockdown and is elated of how her coach has helped improve her immunity.

We asked her a series of questions and needless to say, we were overjoyed of how the program was refining her healthy lifestyle.

How was your weight loss journey so far?

While I joined the program initially, I lost around 1 kg and after the detox, there was a consistent loss of weight. I managed to lose around 6 kg in a month.

I had never realized that I could lose weight even after eating regularly. I had only imagined weight loss could only result without eating.

That is clearly false. Possible has helped me with identifying the foods that are best for me, to live healthy and lose weight as well. I have been trying to prepare dishes with all the suggested foods.

How has the program helped your health other than weight loss?

Other than being heavy, my thyroid parameter was fluctuating and also my sugar level was in the border.

It is surprising to me that since the time I have started the program my health conditions have normalized. My sugar level has come to normal and same with my thyroid condition.

Not just health conditions, I feel more confident about myself today and I must credit thePossible motivational videos. They are truly inspiring and motivating.

What is your favourite thing about Possible?

I could have a list, but I will mention the top 3. My most favorite thing aboutPossible has to be the Superfoods, the motivational videos and the team who supports me each day.

Superfoods are lively, it is surprising to know that the usual food that we eat in our Indian household could help me lose weight.

What can I say about the motivational videos? I have changed as a person watching them. They are very inspiring, and I love watching them whenever I feel low.

Although I can always watch these videos for motivation, it is hard to be motivated some days. Everybody experiences low days and that is when my coach helps, and I am very thankful to them.

How are you keeping up with the program, during the lockdown?

Lockdown is extremely hard to live in, especially when you have a family to look after. I have always been weakly immune and due to the COVID-19, where the immunity is playing a major role, my nutritionist is helping me improve my immune system.

I am hardly able to exercise. I love yoga and other workouts and cannot wait to get back to exercises once the lockdown ends.

3 Major changes that you have made towards living a healthy life?

All the changes so far have been really great. If I have to mention 3 of them, that would be:

  • Eating the right quantity of food at the right time.
  • Trying out dishes with various vegetables and fruits.
  • Considering superfoods for consumption and other recipes from Possible.

 It is really encouraging for us about our efforts to build a healthy society when we have inspiring clients like Umme Salma. She has been an extremely sweet individual with her kind words about our team and the program.

Not just herself, she also urges others to follow a healthy living. Well! What’s the wait for? Do you not want to be the next healthy person?

Join us today! And we would love to be a part of your healthy journey!

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