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Malpua Gujiya recipe

The holi(er) than thou substitutes, we say! 

The festival of colours is around the corner and it is pretty much evident with the cheer and happiness around.

But is the health conscious person in you worried that you will exceed the fat and sugar count that you have been diligently keeping?

Don’t worry, we bring forth healthy substitutions to the regular high-calorie holi snacks.

1] Gujjiyas

How are they made: Conch-shaped deep fried delicacy made from maida stuffed with a sugar-sweetened mix of coconut.

Healthy substitutions: Possible’s Slim atta, Possible’s Gluten-free atta,whole wheat flour, multigrain flour, ragi flour instead of maida.

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Replace sugar with dry fruits such as dates and anjeer, powdered jaggery. The prepared gujjiyas can be glazed with honey too once done. Bake the gujjiyas instead of deep frying.

In the mood to indulge: Dip the whole grain gujjiya in dark chocolate (molten without cream or additional sugar).

2] Thandai

How are they made: Flavoursome full cream milk mixed with ground spices (elaichi, coriander seeds, black pepper, fennel seeds or saunf, rose petals), sunflower seeds and almonds.

Healthy substitutions: Instead of only sunflower seeds, use Possible’s Seeds Cocktail or a mix of watermelon, flax, sunflower, melon seeds. Replace full cream milk with skimmed low fat milk. Walnuts can be added for the extra omega-3 punch.

3] Dahi Vada/ Dahi Bhalla

How are they made: Fried urad dal vadas dipped in mildly spiced and sweetened curd.

Healthy substitutions: Pan-roasting the urad dal vadas rather than deep-frying. Or replace the vadas with multigrain bread. Bread can be soaked in milk, mashed, rolled into vada-shape and served with curd.

4] Pakode

How are they made: Crunchy vegetables such as onion, potato, capsicum, cauliflower dipped in besan batter and deep fried.

Healthy substitutions: Make a multi-flour batter (Possible’s Slim Atta). Grill the vegetables instead of deep frying.

5] Malpua

How are they made: Maida pancakes are deep fried, dipped in sugar syrup and served with shavings of almonds and cashewnuts.

Healthy substitutions: Maida with ragi flour and oats, Possible’s Slim Atta, multigrain flour. Pan roast the malpuas instead of deep frying them.

Instead of dipping it in sugar syrup, drizzle honey before serving. Generously garnish with almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts.

6] Pani Puri / Gol Gappa

How are they made: Spicy and sweet flavoured water served in deep fried semolina puris.

Healthy substitutions: Replace deep fried puris with the puris that can be baked (available as flattened puris which fluff up when baked). Go slow on the sweetened water. Use boiled chana/moong as stuffings.

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