10 Ayurvedic Herbs To Boost Immune System

Medically reviewed by Dr. Shunmukha Priya, Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

One of the most ancient medicinal values and benefits are owned by Ayurvedic plants and herbs. Even today, the benefits of these herbs are attained by each one of us directly or indirectly. Especially, the major benefits of herbs for immune system boosting is a well-known fact.

There are thousands of these Ayurvedic herbs, some are known to us, and some are yet to be explored. While some of these known herbs are easily available to us, it is in our hands to utilize it to the best.

There are numerous benefits of Ayurvedic herbs, especially in boosting up our immune system. The rich number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in these herbs helps ward off infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Hence utilization of Ayurvedic herbs for immune system boosting is trending currently.

We have come up with a list of 10 Ayurvedic herbs for immune system boosting and also strengthen your immune power to fight off pandemic viruses like COVID-19.

How Does Ayurvedic Herbs Affect Immune System?

Most of the ayurvedic herbs contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in them. They are rich in several Vitamins and minerals.

All of these improves and boosts your immune system making it easier to fight off viruses and bacteria.

There are several ayurvedic herbs that are easily available to you and adding them up in your daily diet can bring out good results in your health. You rarely tend to have cold or cough and improves your immune system making your body recover any infections faster than before.

10 Commonly Available Ayurvedic Herbs At Home

1. Amla:

Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant. It helps in  boosting metabolism and improves immunity thus preventing viral and bacterial infections.

Amla Drink

It is studded with polyphenols which are known to fight against growth of cancerous cells. Adding amla to your daily diet keeps the flu and common cold away from you. You can include amla in veg juice, pickles, in salads.[1]

2. Ashwagandha:

Most known herb, ashwagandha, has great benefits in boosting your immunity. Its health benefits also include reduction in inflammation, reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, memory and blood sugar level.

The antioxidant properties of ashwagandha helps reduce damage of cells and increase natural killer cell activity. Research also shows that ashwagandha  improves muscle mass and reduces body fat.[2]

3. Vidarikand:

Commonly used in the south of India, it has several properties which boosts your immune power.

Vidarikand is known for its benefits in delaying the process of ageing. It is popularly known for its rejuvenating and aphrodisiac actions on the body.[3]

4. Long Peppers:

Like Vidarikand, long peppers or pippali fruit is known for its benefits of anti-aging qualities.

They boost your immune system and increase natural bowel movements, and also maintain your liver, kidney, spleen and heart healthy. Long peppers also benefit in appetite improvement and digestion.[4]

5. Tulsi Leaves:

All of us know how common Tulsi is at home. While it smells great, it is amazing for your immunity too. It is constituted with anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anti-anxiety  properties.


It helps in  lowering the risks of heart diseases and arthritis, lowers blood sugar  and cholesterol, and reduces joint pains. It enhances your immunity and fights off flu, cough and cold.[6]

6. Neem Leaves:

Neem leaves majorly helps bring down your body temperature by cooling internally. They are composed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help improve your immune system.

They are a good source for skin and clear the impurities from the blood leaving a strengthened immune system.[5]

7. Brahmi Leaves:

Contains antioxidant properties which helps in eliminating free radicals keeping you protected from the cancerous cells. Hence it helps strengthen your immune system.

Along with that, it is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, improves memory and fights, stress and anxiety.[7]

8. Cardamom:

Its anti-inflammatory properties help you keep away from chronic diseases by improving immunity.

They are also used to make medicine and not just a flavour to your dish. Other benefits of cardamom are reducing digestion problems and stress relief.[8]

9. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is one of the commonly known immune system boosters globally. Be it a sweet dish or a spicier one, cinnamon can be used in both.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon help fight the deadliest of viruses and fungus infections. They also lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.[9]

10. Turmeric:

Very common, turmeric is used in every Indian dish. Not just for flavours but also has immense benefits. One of the major benefits is associated with boosting the immune system.

turmeric herbs for immune system

One of the key antioxidants, curcumin present in turmeric is most prominent in the ayurvedic journal.[10]

Other Alternative Ayurvedic Products Available In The Market

The list of ayurvedic herbs mentioned are available in their natural forms. They are generally used in the daily dishes prepared or new recipes of that.

If not for this, there are multiple ayurvedic products available in the market. For example, Chyavanprash, Ratnaprash, Amla juice/syrup, Ashwagandha powder, Giloy Sat powder and more.

These products are available and are to be consumed as per the age and the body conditions. They are helpful in boosting your body’s immune system and helps you deal with fatigue and appetite.


Although most of the ayurvedic herbs are popular mostly in India, the knowledge over these herbs are growing globally in years. While most herbs are rare and not available easily, few are very common in our Indian household and are believed that the advantages of these herbs for immune system boosting is immense.

This blog was to give you a brief knowledge over few of the most common ayurvedic herbs that you have heard or seen so far. These have immense benefits over your immune system.

The current struggle of ours towards the COVID-19, specify to bring up our immune system stronger and more powerful and these ayurvedic herbs are most recommended to do so.

Be it immune system or body hygiene, these were ignored by all of us till date. Since now the situation has worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all alerted towards growing the immune power.

The time is running and so is the virus spread. The lockdown can help us keep away the virus out of our house but not out of the body. Let us not delay further, help your immune system to grow stronger and eliminate COVID-19 or any other invaders.


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