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Delightful Peas Kadhi – Possible

Peas kadhi Recipe

  Delightful Peas Kadhi Kadhi, a traditional curry made from buttermilk is already rich in protein. How could we make it even richer? By adding brown chickpeas. Yes! This peas kadhi has the distinct bite and flavour provided by this fibre rich legume. Try it and drop us a comment about it! 1 cup soaked […]

Palak Kadhi Recipe | Possible

Palak recipes

  Palak Kadhi Try this healthy variant of the delicacy with the goodness of the iron-rich palak in it. Palak kadhi has a unique flavor and appealing color contributed by spinach puree. You could alternatively finely chop the spinach and add to the regular kadhi for a bite and body. Enjoy hot with steamed brown/red […]


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