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Hypothyroidism: Here Are The Cause And Symptoms Of This Disorder

Among a wide variety of chronic illnesses, hypothyroidism is a fairly common disease. It is observed that women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism in larger numbers than men, as well as that a person’s susceptibility to hypothyroidism increases with age. Table of contents Cause of hypothyroidism  Symptoms of hypothyroidism Introduction Fundamentally, hypothyroidism can be understood as […]

Key Signs Of Thyroid Disorder In Women And Its Effect On Health

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Women develop thyroid problems at a higher frequency than men. Weaker immune system and predisposition towards certain health conditions lead to thyroid disorder in women. The common manifestations in women are hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, postpartum thyroiditis and thyroid nodules. Know About Thyroid | Impact of Thyroid Malfunction | Signs of Thyroid Disorders in Women | Why Are Women Predisposed […]

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