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What Are the Signs of Thyroid Disorder in Men | Possible

Thyroid in men

While women are more prone to thyroid disorder, men can also get affected by this disorder. Watch out for unexplained weight gain, excessive fatigue, swelling of the thyroid gland as they point to a thyroid disorder. It is a misconception that thyroid disorders occur only in women. Statistics do show that thyroid problems occur more […]

Key Signs Of Thyroid Disorder In Women And Its Effect On Health

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Women develop thyroid problems at a higher frequency than men. Weaker immune system and predisposition towards certain health conditions lead to thyroid disorder in women. The common manifestations in women are hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, postpartum thyroiditis and thyroid nodules. Know About Thyroid | Impact of Thyroid Malfunction | Signs of Thyroid Disorders in Women | Why Are Women Predisposed […]

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