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Light dinner recipes

Have you ever heard of this old saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’. The last few words itself tell you why dinner should be eaten in small quantities. 

Many times, mothers or even working professionals would ponder ‘what to eat for dinner tonight’.

Well, to say it in a right way just as breakfast is the important meal of the day; a light dinner is also a perfect way to end the day.

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Light dinner for weight loss

Weight loss and weight gain is a lot about the timing of meals. Research finds that our body’s ability to use sugar fluctuates throughout the day. Basically, our body stores more fat if food is eaten at the wrong time!

Day time is when our metabolism is racing whereas by nightfall, our metabolism is sluggish conveniently converting the food to fat.

Eating a very large meal at dinner overloads your digestive system thus,helping in storing fat in the body.

If you are looking for weight loss, eating light dinners would aid in weight loss. Here, are some advantages of having a light dinner.

Light food for dinner
Light food for dinner

Light dinner benefits

The advantages of having a light dinner are as follows:

  • No overload on the digestive system: A lavish dinner means your digestive system working overtime. This is going to affect you physically as your body is busy digesting when you want to sleep.
  • Promotes good sleep: Heavy late night meal most probably ends up as indigestion. Eating a light meal comprised of complex carbohydrates releases soothing hormones that help you sleep better. So opt for whole grain rice, rotis, veggies, for an early dinner.
  • Blood sugar control: Eating a light dinner 1-2 hours before bedtime means well managed blood glucose levels. Complex carbs would also mean no late night low blood sugar.
  • Energizing your soul: Eating an early light dinner means your brain and your digestive system are freed from digestion and nutrient extraction. This leaves them free for other work meaning you are full of energy.
Dinner is an important meal
Dinner is an important meal

If you are a busy bee and you get very tired by the time you reach home. You don’t feel like cooking and you end up ordering some heavy food for dinner.

This takes a heavy toll on the body leading to weight gain. Watch this video to know the importance of light dinners!


Here, is a list of foods that you should ditch eating at night:

  1. Pasta should not be considered as an ideal dinner
  2. Say a strict NO to pizza cravings at night.
  3. Do not have high sugar foods like ice cream, chocolate cake, cookies before bedtime.
  4. Stay away from spicy foods at night.
  5. Eating white rice at night is not healthy.

Do you know?

what is the best time to eat dinner?

The ideal time to have dinner is between 8-9 p.m. But, though it’s not possible due to our extended work hours, we should atleast complete our dinner by 10 p.m.

Confused about which meal to cook for dinner that is simple, appealing as well as light? Here, are some of the light dinner recipes that you can enjoy.

Light dinner recipes

1. Vegetable Stew Recipe

This recipe is perfect to have during your dinner time. A super tasty, spicy, and supremely healthy vegetable stew that is filled with the goodness of all the important nutrients.


2. Red Pumpkin Soup

Try this tasty roasted red pumpkin soup is brimming with nutrients. You can have this soup by teaming it up with bread and light cooked chicken curry. 

3. Lemon Brown Rice Recipe

This recipe is unique in its own way because brown rice is used. Brown rice is very healthy and nutritious. Try this healthy dish tonight!

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