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Diet according to age

With the women’s day around, men might feel left out! Not to worry as we dedicate an article solely for you. We give you tips to eat according to your age!

What to eat when in your twenties?

The early part of the 20’s will see you in the shoes of a student and the later part, as a hard working executive. In both the stages, you may experience stress.

The adrenal glands are chiefly responsible for handling stress.  Research finds sugar, erratic sleep and food timings, and even caffeine can make it the condition worse.

Diet according to twenties
Diet according to twenties

Nutrients to embrace would be the water soluble vitamins namely vitamin B complex and vitamin C. B-complex vitamins are important in the digestion of starchy foods, keeps the brain sharp and also helps the liver detoxify.

Foods: Get your dose of B-complex vitamins from whole grains, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, berries and peppers.

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What to eat in your thirties?


Diet according to thirties
Diet according to thirties

What happens typically in the thirties is that the muscle mass starts to decrease.

On the other hand, stress and visceral fat levels increase due to sedentary jobs. Lower levels of growth hormone and testosterone are responsible for this.

All the hormones are synthesized from cholesterol however, cholesterol can be supplanted by healthy fats in the diet. Vitamin D3 also seems to be a deficient vitamin and hence supplementing the diet with vitamin D3 is important. 

Also, men should worry about fertility as well by this age. Stress, smoking, alcohol consumption could affect the sperm quantity and quality.

However, consuming antioxidants nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium, zinc could help reverse this process.

Foods: Olive oil, nuts seeds, avocado among others. can provide monounsaturated fatty acids.

What to eat in your forties?

Alert! By the time you hit the big 4-Oh, you may find it difficult to keep the weight off like before. Blame the slow metabolism for the same.

Combined with stress and continued unhealthy eating habits, men may find themselves at the risk of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, heart conditions.

Experts suggest consuming omega-3 from the diet as they are not produced by the body. 

Do not slack on the fibre content at any point in life.

Foof habits at 40 years
Foof habits at 40 years


Sluggish metabolism could result in stomach disturbances. Fresh vegetables and fruits can help counter this problem.

Foods: Oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon; walnuts; flax seeds; chia seeds are good dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

What to eat in your fifties and above?

Foof habits at 50 years
Foof habits at 50 years

You know you have hit the fifties when your joints start to speak a language you don’t like.

Our body continually produces glucosamine and with progressing age, its production falls down. This is a good time to amp up the intake of antioxidants too as it helps keep cancer at bay.

Foods: Consume foods rich in vitamin A, C, E. Lycopene found in tomatoes and curcumin, found in turmeric are powerful antioxidants. Ensure you consume enough of fruits and vegetables.

Thumb rule

At whatever age, never slack on the consumption of water, whole grains for their insoluble fibre; fruits and vegetables for the soluble fibre and good quality protein.

If you have been weighing more when young, then take stock of the situation and aim to achieve your ideal body weight.

Physical activity is also a must to keep visceral fat away for life.

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