4 Things That Happen To Your Wellbeing When You Are Overweight

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Being overweight is not just harmful to your overall health. Research shows that obesity also has a negative impact on body image and self-esteem. Obesity can lead to heart and blood sugar issues along with aches and pain.

Excess weight can make you feel uncomfortable in social presence, especially if you hear people gossiping about your looks.

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You have spent countless hours dwelling on the negative effects of obesity and you have vowed not to break your resolution.

Then it happens. You go past a fast food chain and you stop on your tracks. The delicacies lined up look absolutely amazing.

You count the calories in your head. You know that this will be a guilty pleasure that will throw your precious diet plan out of the window.

It’s impossible for you to resist the charm of unhealthy fast food so you embrace weight gain and obesity with open arms.

You bet it’s a bait: Obesity and its harmful effects

We are all living in a world which is fast-paced. To compensate for our Netflix induced procrastination we often skip our sleep to work through the night.

This obviously means that there’s absolutely no time to hit the gym or follow a fitness routine. It is, therefore, no surprise that the effects of obesity are affecting children too.

  • Obesity can make your health crumble as it affects your immunity.
  • Effects of obesity also include you losing your peace of mind and sinking into depression.
  • Obesity and its harmful effects also include social effects such as online trolling and body shaming of people who are overweight.

Let us look at some of the most impactful ways in which the effects of obesity affect our daily lives.

Your Body Goes Downhill: Impact on Health

  • Firstly there’s the problem of high blood pressure which simply happens because fat tissues love their share of oxygen and nutrients. This obviously makes our heart pump blood overtime and all this extra work makes the poor artery wall groan. Also apart from the added pressure, it puts on our poor little heart, weight gain can also make blood circulation kind of slow and clumsy.
  • Then, of course, there’s the ruthless type 2 diabetes. Initially, doctors thought it was a disease for grown-ups but now the kids are in the firing line too. This happens simply because obesity chooses to throw tantrums and stops insulin from working. Insulin’s the hormone in charge of keeping blood sugar levels in check and thanks to obesity’s pointless resistance it fails to do its job properly.
  • Obesity can also be pretty cruel in case you have a weak heart. The build-up of all the fatty deposits in arteries can lead to coronary artery disease and since these arteries get narrowed thanks to all the extra fat, obese people are more likely to experience a heart attack or a stroke.

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You Get Weak in the Knees: Aches, Pains, Arthritis

  • Then there’s the age-old osteoarthritis because obesity puts a tremendous amount of baggage on our knees and other joints. In case you are an obese person you can’t often opt for knee replacement surgery because the artificial joint can become weak and loose.
  • The brutal effects of obesity can also make you run out of breath quite literally thanks to sleep apnea.
  • It is no surprise that obesity can be directly correlated to why you snore like a machine gun at night. This happens because the chest wall becomes super heavy and this added burden squeezes the lungs.
  • Obese women are also tremendously exposed to forms of cancer such as breast, gallbladder, and uterus.
  • The men are on the receiving end too with their chances of colon and prostate cancer shooting up ten-fold thanks to the effects of obesity.
  • Then there’s the obvious scenario with obesity messing up our metabolism thanks to our blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood inflammation factors and blood clotting factors shooting up.

Thank Pop Culture for the Paranoia: Social Effect 

When you are overweight your self-esteem can take a hit. Anxiety about body image often leads to bigger disorders such as depression, bulimia, and anorexia.

Our culture today is obsessed with the idea of the “perfect image” and the entire awareness about body shaming being horrible hasn’t done much change to things.

Thanks to pop culture people still want to have proportional bodies in order to adhere to some strange beauty standard.

Depression due to overweight


  • In case you are overweight, there are high chances that you will obsessively observe your waistline in the mirror every day and feel sad about you not being “attractive” enough. Also, you will ponder about reducing your waist size overnight to look “good”.
  • You just might also end up developing unhealthy habits to get read of your obesity such as overeating or not eating at all. You will also probably suffer from terrible anxiety attacks in situations when you have to go to a party and you are constantly thinking about people making fun of your obesity.

Your Mind Goes for a Toss: Psychological Effect 

Effects of obesity on the human mind often operate like a horrible vicious cycle.

  • You might have a lot of stress at work and to counter that you have started overeating. This leads to rapid weight gain and you becoming obese in months. You start hating yourself and start getting even more stressed out than you originally were. So stop eating suddenly and your mental and physical health goes haywire.
  • Also, you may feel less energized because the added weight makes you feel physically exhausted more quickly. This automatically means that you wouldn’t be jumping into every other fun activity that your friends are doing. This makes you feel left out and you slowly start withdrawing yourself into a cocoon and low on energy lifestyle that makes you feel tremendously useless.

So the next time you pass a fast food chain, remember that good food is subjective and will always be by your side in all its glory thanks to the low-fat varieties.

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Is there a distinction between being overweight and being obese? 

The difference between these two terms is determined using a person’ body mass index (BMI). Body Mass Index is a ratio between weight and height. If someone’s BMI is higher than 30, they are considered obese.

What leads to obesity?

Although there are hereditary and cultural factors at play, the major reasons are overeating and lack of fitness.

Why is obesity considered a growing epidemic?

Lifestyle changes across the world are acting as a catalyst for obesity. Jobs have become less physically exhausting but they have changed people’s fitness and eating habits. These factors have made obesity into a striking global phenomenon.

What medicines can be used to deal with excess weight?

This completely depends on what your physician or doctor prescribes because rampant usage of over-the-counter weight loss medicines and supplements can be really harmful and might contradict with a patient’s existing medication.

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